he pours a drink and listens to his body thaw

i slept a bit after talking. woke up again. nervous about something. did i set the alarm? what day is it again? did i forget to do something again?

the alarm wasn’t set.

well, it was set, but for the time i should be arriving at work tomorrow and not the time which i should be rousing my silly head from attempted slumber.

Jack, apparently, thinks that something lives under the rugs in the bathroom. each time i’ve gone in there tonight they are askew. silly cat.

i get nervous sometimes when i see them staring off at some foreign speck…like they know something i do not. like they see something i can not.

perhaps a bug? Jay likes to eat bugs. makes me feel like he is more useful, somehow. i don’t have to kill them or form my own catch and release program anymore because all i have to do is make sure he notices and BAM! gone. eaten. at least the bug dies for a cause…nourishment or some such thing, instead of simply the meeting of bug and my shoe.

i used to write my haiku in the middle of the night, but i find my thoughts far to scattered these days.

i have taken to pressing a letter in the subject line of emails and these things (see, i won’t use the word) just to see what pops up. it often strikes me funny as i attempt to remember certain causes of subject lines. . .

and sometimes they just strike me. when i can’t find the words on my own, i sometimes find that former words will fit. they do just fine.

And now I cut and paste. So that my alter ego can tell all the secret mutterings. Probably I should just do an email…but I save emails for work when I can get away with it.

Need to find my coffee gift certificate for the morning. Want the good coffee from the place near my house. Still never used the gift certificate they gave me at the museum.

Random thoughts on an otherwise ordinary night.


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