i woke up this morning…and it was far too early. everything was wrong. i’m not sure if i just didn’t really sleep…maybe i’m doing that thing again…at any rate, it was all all wrong.

work today was supposed to be an extra shift in an old spot…painting. i like to paint. nothing fancy…just paint on walls, but really satisfying if you ask me. i doubt much money would have been had, but some is better than none.


after an extra 30 or so minutes of sleep…i wake. i shower. i put on my favorite painting clothes. coffee has been made already, my cup is full…and off i drive.

i get .5 miles west and 1 mile south…a red light.

i wait.

i’ll be a bit later than the late i thought…but oh well.

green light and…
turn the key…wait is the car still on?
turn the key…maybe it is on…turn the key off…turn the key on…revvvvvvvvvvvv….
gas does nothing.

i’m in the far left lane.

of a three lane intersection.

car is on…but not moving…

…hazardlightshazardlights…hazard lights…you’d think i would remember where the hazard lights are by now…

cars behind me start passing me…i should be freaking out…but i’m not…i look up and right and left and back…

i am in the middle of the intersection. well, maybe not the exact middle, but far enough to block cross traffic…

hazard lights on, car off, i wait for people to finish passing me. seems like many many cars…the light turns yellow!
here is my moment!
seatbelt off, in a flash the door is opened!
this is the price i pay for driving a ’77 celica…
i push…

right hand on the wheel, left hand on the door jam, squatting for optimum force, i push the car…i steer the car across 6 lanes of cross traffic, across 3 lanes of my own traffic…some cars are turning in front and behind me…

i make it through the intersection. i’m in the far right lane, aiming for the parking lot on the right. it’s a travelodge. it has a bus stop. there’s a “Venchells” on the far corner.

i use my momentum to try to get up the ramp to the parking lot but i’ve pushed so far…i’m loosing it…i’m loosing it…jumpbackinsideandtrytohitthebrake.




wish i had someone to help me get up the ramp…icandoiticandoiticandoit…

some boys from the bus stop run over and help me get the last 6 feet….i steer. i push. they push a little and then run away before i can thank them…

i push into a parking space. my shoulders are rubber.

i breathe
i breathe.

okay. call the boss man’s cell phone, leave a message.

call the boss man’s office number, leave a message.

call future husband to see if he wants to pack up the kids (did i mention the kids were staying with us for a few days?) at 8:30 in the morning to pick me up.

flash of brilliance, call front desk and have B’ call boss man on the radio to make sure he knows i’m definitely not gonna be there by 9.

call pops. explain what happened, explain i am fine, he determines it is probably the linkage from gas pedal to engine…

call future husband and tell him that pops is gonna come by with some wire to hopefully jerry-rig something to limp home. he seems okay with that.

get a funny text message from skoot, regarding andy capp’s cheese fries. complain about my relative misfortune.

feel as though i should have stayed in bed this morning…then, feel strangely powerful, because even though no one helped me, I STILL PUSHED MY CAR ON MY OWN THROUGH A BUSY INTERSECTION (without being killed or hit by a car). I am powerful. I am strong. I pushed a car.

yeah…it’s a small car, but i’m not the largest woman.

I sorta rock.

As for the car, it was the linkage, and pops and I are currently attempting to locate the little clip that holds the linkage where I need it to be to get the gasoline where I need it. We Macgyvered it with one of my bobby pins.

I never made it to work today, but I’ve got the truck and someone was kind enough to wash it up and gas it up.

I also got to cook some food. Spinach lasagna, my specialty chili, and broccoli.

I tried to do some dishes, got about halfway, but my-my I felt like a domestic lady today.

(a very powerful domestic lady that can push her car BY HERSELF)


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