The timeclock doesn’t understand

that I actually did work from 5:55a until 12:03a yesterday.

It tells me I skipped a punch, that my outpunch from lastnight was my inpunch from today…it’s funny, because instead of accounting for my time worked, it actually measured the exact length of time I wasn’t working. 5.85 hours.

5.85 hours.
minus the .o6 hours it takes to walk to the car.
minus the .3 hours it takes to drive home.
minus the .25 to get ready for bed and pack a small lunch.
minus the .16 hours of hitting the snooze button.
minus the .58 hours it takes to shower/brush teeth/stumble into clothing.
minus the .3 hours it takes to drive to work.
minus the .06 hours it takes to walk in to where the timeclock is…

4.14 hours of laying in bed with my eyes closed.

at 6:40 I went down to the cafeteria to find myself some breakfast. Ali met me down there and we talked about how she only slept about two hours yesterday between shifts, which totally sucks. I actually did better, getting close to 4 hours of sleep.

I told her I remembered it, those hours of sleep.

She told me, “you’re not supposed to remember your sleep.”

I replied, “well, I never said I was any good at it.”

Which was funny, either because we are so sleep-deprived, or because there was actual humor there. I’m sure I can figure that part out later when I have time as a perspective.

My grandpa’s birthday is today and yesterday. Guess everyone’s going to breakfast this morning at 10a. They have really nice pancakes at the breakfast place.

Maybe I’ll just lay my head on my desk until the phone rings. Oops. Too late. It just rang.

“Good morning, radiology, this is K…”


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