89.86% !!!!

So, oldest son is pretty severely dyslexic, and mildly autistic, so getting him comfortable with reading and spelling has been a challenge to say the least. 

There’s more to that challenge bit, but I won’t bother getting into it here, so let’s just say, super challenging for reasons inside and outside of my control. 

Anywhoo…husband has been driving to the school to tutor for a few years now, and this year we were able to replace regular spelling with spelling curriculum based on his tutoring program. He was only able to memorize 4-5 words a week in 3rd grade, and got fairly terrible marks in spelling because of this (which doesn’t bother me so much as the fact that he only memorized these words for a week at most and there was no retention of anything). 

This year.

10-25 words.

Based on spelling rules he understood.

Words like docket and cactus and yum and quiz. 

Overall grade in spelling? 89.86%

Did I mention I’m super proud of that kid? (and husband for all his hard work)


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