Monsoons will be here soon

We got our first out-of-nowhere dust storm this afternoon.

Wind whipping about, the girls come in from outside, door blowing open faster than they can contain it. The smell of the desert soil in the air, grey sky, and for a little while the sun is blotted out by the clouds of blowing dust.

I love this time of year.

I’m sitting on the couch, piles of laundry in process of being folded. One baby naps, two kids out front having light saber battles in costumes constructed out of Dad’s shirts. A pile of girls playing in the back room while the oldest plays some earned video game time.

I think back to last year, 107 F, 5 months pregnant and living in a new house. Husband just returned from his *epic* trip to Banff on a 150cc scooter.

Even then, I loved this time of year. I suppose it’s good I still live in the desert.


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