The dude

Because I don’t want to forget.


At ten months he started walking, a few steps at a time. It was just days after the big kids went back up to Flagstaff to start school.

Eleven months, and he’s giving fives, pointing to what he wants to eat, sneaking out through the cat door, clapping, and just the other day figured out how to stand back up after toppling over without pulling up on something else. He likes to squat down and pick things up, loves his tennis balls (one handedly carrying them all about the house and giving them to me to make them bounce). He still doesn’t really say words, but he makes all kinds of noises and clicks like me when he sees the cat and says “JayJayJay”. They’re still best buds, rolling around on the floor, sneaking cheerios and bagels to share with Jay (who, apparently, loves any kind of baby snack).

Oh, and the swimming. Dude loves the water, will dive forward off the wall into our arms, and any chance he can get is rolling onto his back to back float and stare at the lights on the ceiling of the swim school.

And this kid has a smile and a funny wheezy giggle that cracks me up, especially when he’s dancing and running all around the living room.

He loves to grocery shop, but you must share a bite of a small tomato or a piece of kale or he will attempt to climb out of the front of the cart into the back (headfirst) to get what he wants. Watermelon and bread must be stored up front with him as he likes to protect this items as we wander through the store.

He’s stubborn, but that willfulness should hopefully take him far, because for the most part he does take direction (or redirection) well…so far.

We’re lucky to have him for sure.


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