The dude / Trio


He can now say “mine” in a very cute way, not in a mean way (don’t worry, I know it’s coming along with the rest of the twos). It’s like, he’s actually understanding the separation of himself as a person as compared to others.

He also has the cutest names for things “meow meow” the stuffed cat, “ee-oo” for his bear and Mickey mouse, “booboo” for his sister, “dak dak” and “maaah”for his brothers, and grancar is now “bah pa”. “Cheese” is now said with enthusiasm and shaking fists like Wallace and Grommet. When he really wants your attention he’ll just call out loudly “ma! Ma! Mom! Momma!” And he chats to himself in the cutest ways when he wakes up happy. He sounds like an adorable ewok chattering away.

My favorite new game though, aside from the block building and imaginative play with his farm animals making sounds and “eating” or “drinking” with slurps and chomps and “cheeeers” with clinking glasses…is sneaky sneaky.

He “hides” behind something and then puts his little hands in front of him and does the funniest little tiptoe dancey-prancey thing and makes his sneaky face then tickles Dadoh and scampers off to do it again. Adorable and funny and it all started when he would try to sneak up on his reflection in the mirror.

He also loves playing with his brother Dak! DAK! They build with Lego and chase each other and whip up magic spells with their wands and giggle. Those two giggle more with each other than anyone I’ve seen. It’s going to be hard when the new baby dude is here and the big kids go back to school, but the summer with them really has been great.


Oh, and how can I forget to mention the dance parties every evening with Dad playing the piano and the big kids singing along and everyone dancing? I definitely can’t forget that, it’s one of my favorite parts of every day. Never in a million years did I think I’d get so much joy out of “I would walk 500 miles…”


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