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There are rooms in this building that hold people who make decisions that can hopefully change some lives for the better. Soon, Universe, soon. I’m growing weary of the waiting, and have this pressing sense that we’re running out of time to make the most difference possible. I can see the better path, but I … Continue reading


This morning

This morning there were four shoes and four bodies asleep in beds with feet enough to fill each shoe. This morning we woke, prepared for the first day of school, packing lunches in a hotel room. This morning we ate breakfast, together, getting sweet smiles and compliments about our lovely family before we set off … Continue reading


89.86% !!!!

So, oldest son is pretty severely dyslexic, and mildly autistic, so getting him comfortable with reading and spelling has been a challenge to say the least.  There’s more to that challenge bit, but I won’t bother getting into it here, so let’s just say, super challenging for reasons inside and outside of my control.  Anywhoo…husband … Continue reading