The dude / Trio

This weekend some cute things happened.


Found my red shoes, and I love them.

Finally feeling cute as I grow more giant in the baby-growing regions.

Ten-year-old (since when is she TEN!?) spontaneously tells me the best part of getting hurt a couple years back (not that she wants to get hurt bad enough to require surgery again) was being able to come back home with us and have my chocolate chip pancakes.

I promised her that even in college if she’s stressed out or hurt I’ll come and make her chocolate chip pancakes.

I think she fully knows I’m dead serious about this, and seemed truly happy about this idea.

Current youngest has been rough to be around, lots of opinions and few words, but he understand so much. Today, though, a beautiful mood descended on him and I was reminded just how fun it is to be with him and the big kids.

He’s noticing more things. Gets exited and says “Nana!” when we’re near the turn for her house (which, funny enough used to be my house, but he’ll have no memory of that because we moved right before he was born).

Husband has been away working, but little dude saw our family picture on my phone, visibly lit up, and said, “Dada!”while pointing him out. Later, he had to “share” his fruit snacks with the photograph of Dad…impossibly cute.

Oh, and he looks great in a mustache:


Now, back to my woefully inadequate laundry baskets, and piles odd things to fold and hang.


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