The dude / Trio

Six years in…

And mother’s day is still a complicated day.

Last year was the worst, with people wishing me happiness on my first “real” mother’s day.

This year, less talk of that, all the kids were home, we had our lovely individual outings the day before and they made me cute cards to open the day of.

I made a point of having then call their mother after breakfast.

We watched Dr. Who and ate pizza…it was a technically lovely day.

But Saturday, the day without all that societal pressure…that was the best day. Breakfast with the daughter, yoga with fetus, lunch with former youngest, a nap with current youngest, and dinner with oldest. Catching up with a friends on the couch. Kids running in and out all day, and husband in a good mood. That’s the day I’ll hold on to.

Oh, and a picture of all five kids together…


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