The dude / Trio


He can now say “mine” in a very cute way, not in a mean way (don’t worry, I know it’s coming along with the rest of the twos). It’s like, he’s actually understanding the separation of himself as a person as compared to others. He also has the cutest names for things “meow meow” the … Continue reading

The dude / Trio

Six years in…

And mother’s day is still a complicated day. Last year was the worst, with people wishing me happiness on my first “real” mother’s day. This year, less talk of that, all the kids were home, we had our lovely individual outings the day before and they made me cute cards to open the day of. … Continue reading


89.86% !!!!

So, oldest son is pretty severely dyslexic, and mildly autistic, so getting him comfortable with reading and spelling has been a challenge to say the least.  There’s more to that challenge bit, but I won’t bother getting into it here, so let’s just say, super challenging for reasons inside and outside of my control.  Anywhoo…husband … Continue reading